Turbostaat - Insel

Turbostaat - Pennen bei Glufke

Turbostaat - Haubentaucherwelpen

paladijm:life is the most precious thing you can lose.

Pennywise - Bro Hymn Tribute


Trans Am - Black Matter

From Trans Am’s new record, Thing

Jr Ewing - Laughing With Daggers

Isis - Holy Tears

crookedhead:laurix / hikingmetalpunk / holokaust562 / fionabearclaw:

fall of efrafa - soul to bare



CULT OF LUNA - white cell

Salvation, my favorite.


samiam - full on

cannot stop

Turbostaat - Kussmaul

…can’t stop listening to this album.


coincido con fiona, el disco de alpinist es adictivo, bah, ya lo pongo en casa


alpinist - nighttime poet daytime dead

this album is so motherfucking addictive


drive like jehu, los iconoclastas. pasa el tiempo y siguen siendo mas modernos que toda la vice magazine junta.


Drive Like Jehu - Luau
(Yank Crime)

Post-hardcore noise-orchestra Drive Like Jehu used the twin powers of rock and maths to make complex, intricate, unholy rackets.  If they were not punk rockers they would probably have been rocket scientists.  Punk Rocket Scientists.

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